Customer Service is Key!!

Having served customers for over 14 years, made me realized the other the day what so many have forgotten! The “Key” factor of customer satisfaction! It is not delivering the product or selling it, but the actual service that is provided for free!! See you can get your moneys worth in a product but the service can not be purchased and it is the “Key” of having a happy returning customer! Today I saw a post from a very happy customer of one of our Retailers! The service she received was of “Great customer service”. a Moment she will remember often and would want to experience again!! Will’beth prides itself in delivering the most up to standard Customer Satisfaction! It is a service we offer for free! We believe our customers are our most valuable assets and we are grateful to have them!!26349


Think Pink Event

Will’beth Inc will be having a special event “The Think Pink Event” This event will benefit a non profit organization in the fight against cancer. We will be giving away sweet pink dress item 26173, in sizes 12-18-24, 2-3-4. The dress can also be purchase with 10% off at participating retailers. For more information visit our facebook page at
You can also contact us via email

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

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The time is here! The time to bundle up and spend quality time with friends and family. The gifts that we give with a happy heart are the ones that will last a lifetime. A great gift is one that continues on giving… when you receive a favor and pass it on to the next person… those are the wonderful things that last a lifetime!

Some Gift Ideas:

Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog
Offer to pick up groceries for a friend
Offer to gift wrap for someone that is not very good at wrapping =)
Offer someone to go ahead of you when at check out
Volunteer in your community
Share bake goods… that is the gift that keeps on giving….

Something small can make a world of difference!

Will’beth Fashion Runway for CMN

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Our Fashion show for The Children’s Miracle Network… kids helping kids… bringing awareness that every little bit you can do will make a difference in a child’s life! To learn more about how to help CMN in your community visit |

Fashion Runway Event DVD Release

Will'beth Fashion Runway Event

The Fashion Runway Event “A Walk for the Children’s Miracle Network” by Will’beth & Babies and Babies is available for purchase by TV Mision with your donation of $25. You may call to request a copy or send us an email. 407-240-2969 or

The Perfect Season For Giving!

It’s the perfect season for giving! Make a difference in a child’s life in your own community!!
During the month of November we will be helping our Will’beth Retailers to reach out in their own community to help provide for a child in need. Together we can all make a difference. Visit a Will’beth Retailer and support your own community, ask how you can help!