Sunday’s Child

Sunday’s Child opened for business in the fall of 1992 under the name of Baby Heirlooms. They began in a very small space in Trolley Square (Salt Lake City, Utah) selling online they eventually needed to open a separate, little warehouse to hold the extra inventory and to ship orders.

In 2001, they move their store to Highland Place and opened Sundays Child in an adjacent space. They are located in 6910 S Highland Dr Suite 7 in Salt Lake City Utah, 84121.  Will’beth Customer since 2004, you can find our classic white christening romper with hat and our precious white bishop dresses perfect for that very special occasion.

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    Oct 30, 2013 @ 18:51:55

    I have loved buying toys, clothing and gifts from YOUR shop, since, ‘The
    Trolley-square-days’! I, especially, love the white blankets! The wooden
    ‘Toddler Pop-corn-walk-about’, is a,
    ‘hit’; with, every, child who sees, it;
    and, I’M, dying to know if YOU, still,
    have girls winter Sunday Dress Coats; and, if, so, what styles are being
    featured, this, year! I, love the personal efforts of YOUR staff. (One time, I, was flying-out-of-town, on a,
    ‘spur-of-the-moment-chance; to, see-MY-GRAND-SON’S-‘BLESSING’; and, YOUR, cute, staff, arranged for a white baby-blanket to be placed in a Resturant, next, door-to-your-shop, for, purchase; after, YOUR, normal, hours! YOU’LL, never, know how much I, still, appreciate, that, KIND, KIND, orchestration! THANK YOU! Thank you! THANK YOU! YOU ARE AWESOME! SINCERELY, JAN HANSEN


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