Customer Service is Key!!

Having served customers for over 14 years, made me realized the other the day what so many have forgotten! The “Key” factor of customer satisfaction! It is not delivering the product or selling it, but the actual service that is provided for free!! See you can get your moneys worth in a product but the service can not be purchased and it is the “Key” of having a happy returning customer! Today I saw a post from a very happy customer of one of our Retailers! The service she received was of “Great customer service”. a Moment she will remember often and would want to experience again!! Will’beth prides itself in delivering the most up to standard Customer Satisfaction! It is a service we offer for free! We believe our customers are our most valuable assets and we are grateful to have them!!26349


How May I Help You?

weewinksphotography for Will'beth Inc

weewinksphotography for Will’beth Inc

How May I Help You? Let me count the ways!!

We all strive for that extra special attention. Something that will compensate the well earn money we spend when we shop. It all starts when we pass it on. Giving back or starting the circle…

*A little something unexpected can really turn around a day. When someone that we do not know personally does a selfless act of kindness that can make us feel uplifting!

*Not an ordinary “Thank you”, when it is shown rather than said, makes a world of a difference!

*We are hearing more about “A Little Something” someone did that made a difference in a person’s life. The soldier’s wife who someone left a note with money in gratitude for serving the country, the person at the grocery who paid for a gallon of milk of someone behind them. Some thing so unexpected can turn a not so good day in a great one!

Here at Will’beth we strive to make a difference with all our customers, we offer assistance in closing a sale, picture image access for our products and we are here to listen. Let us know the ways we can help you!

Will’beth Customer Service