Visual Merchandising

A recent article by Angela Velasquez, published by Earnshaw’s in their February issue, quotes W.H Bailey, a visual merchandising professor at Parsons The New School of Design in New York City, “Don’t underestimate the customer’s ability to enjoy something other than what the market-place prescribes”.  Retailers and visual merchandising experts agree:  Sometimes a good  in-store presentation is a business’ top salesperson.

Midway through the season, nothing reinvigorates a shop like brand-new merchandise.  Linda Cahan, a retail and visual merchandising consultant and author of “100 Displays under $100, suggests dividing merchandise by color, or if a particular brand has a proven track record, create a vendor shop.

A few tips:

  • Switch merchandise up every two weeks
  • Stir up your window display
  • Create a pinball machine flow, with focal points
  • Display clothes head to-toe in different ways
  • Engage all the senses with music and fragance

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